Rob's Album 2015

Yes, I am apparently still involved in Barbershop singing.  The photo at right shows me helping three friends from the Charleston Barbershop Chorus deliver a "singing valentine" to a lady in some office somewhere - I can't remember the details.  Basically we drove all over Charleston, delivering roses and singing "Heart of My Hearts."  And "Let Me Call You Sweetheart."  Over and over again, for two solid days.


At left I'm helping build a new boy's dormitory for The LAMB Institute children's home, in the desert north of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  The reason I'm grinning so big is that I have finally, after many failed attempts, managed to cut a cinder block into two perfect halves, without one side crumbling into smithereens.

Shape note, Charleston

I have continued (and perhaps deepened) my interest in shapenote
singing in the Sacred Harp tradition this year.  The photo above shows me leading "Wayfaring Stranger"
at the all-day singing in Charleston in late May.

Here I'm checking a big item off my bucket list - feeding the birds at St. Paul's Cathedral in London!  But alas, the "Little Old Bird Woman" seems to have been replaced  by signs such as the one depicted in the lower left of the image at right.  So rather than  cheerfully contribute tuppence for a "bag full of crumbs," I had to shell out two Euros for a chocolate-chip cookie at Starbucks.  Different starting point, same destination!  Fat Birds.

Feeding the birds
Rob & Curtis
Here's some big news!  My first cousin once-removed Curtis Turner will be inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame next month in Charlotte.  The photo at left shows me on the porch of Curtis' home outside Floyd, VA, in late June.  I'm posing at the same column where the photo of Curtis was taken in the late 1940s.  A lot has changed.  But notice the damage at the edge of the porch.

Bear & Katz on AT

In August I joined my old buddy Bob ("Katz") Frankis for a hundred-mile backpacking
trip down the Appalachian Trail through the Shenandoah National Park.  Here we're taking a break at St Mary's Rock,
looking west toward Luray, VA.  Katz is quite a talented artist, and kept a sketchbook called A Short Stroll on the A.T. with
Bear and Katz
.  (My trail name was "Bear," as in Bear Grylls.)  Click the image above to view
a full-size jpeg, if you'd like to read all the clever captions. 

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