Shary's Album 2014

By Lake Huron
Here I'm taking a stroll by Lake Huron to enjoy the rainbow freshly ordered up by Neice Michelle and her brand new
 hubby Justin Lang.  Tagging along are Eric, Bryan, Aunt Ellen, Uncle Pat, Aunt Isca, and Rob.  Ginny took this lovely photo.

Shary & Ginny in Paris

April in Paris!  Here Ginny and I pause to take in the sights from the rooftop of one of the many lavish department stores.

So it was a bit soggy on that Friday evening in Mid-July when we journeyed to Atlanta to watch The Braves take on The Phillies at Turner Field.  But we had lots of fun!  We also enjoyed the Aquarium and the Coke Museum the next day, as well as a brief visit with longtime family friend Jessica Morgan Phillips. 
Atlanta Braves
Shary & car So the old Chrysler mini-van had given our family ten years of faithful service.  But at some point, the time comes for something new!  This is "Blue Moon," my new Ford Escape.

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