Rob's Album 2014

Here I'm doing another of my famous burn-outs after winning the Southern 500 at Darlington in April.

Hoboken Singing
And here's the annual all-day Sacred Harp singing in Hoboken, Georgia, down near Waycross.  I'm sitting in the tenor section with my back to the camera at far right, behind the Amish lady.  The bass section sits to the left, trebles to the right, and the altos are sitting on the stage.  That's the legendary Lee family standing in the middle, to lead this particular number as a group.  There's a (rather scholarly) article about the Lee family, and about  "Hoboken-style" shape note singing in general, here.

June found me leading a handbell lesson at a special-needs school in Iquitos, Peru. The poster board we're holding shows the notes for "Old MacDonald," color-coded to match the bells that the students are ringing.

Bell in Iquitos
Kayaking Low water!  Here I'm collecting snails in one of the smaller tributaries of the Ashley River not too far from Charleston in July.

St Louis Reunion

We had GREAT fun at the reunion organized by our St. Louis area family in August!  Cousin Martha Ellen, seated to my right,
 remembers riding in the helicopter hovering over the arch when the final section was bolted into place in 1965.  Cousin Dee Dee
 (standing directly above me) told a funny story about climbing the arch with his engineer father while it was still under construction,
 and needing to pee when he got to the top.

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