Ginny & Eric's Album 2014

Ginny at Oxford
I'm awaiting my viva (or defense) whiled adorned in proper "subfusc,"
the formal attire for examinations at Oxford.


After all the thesis work was over, Eric and I
treated ourselves to a long weekend in Amsterdam!

We also spent a week on Ile d'Yeu, off the western coast of France,
biking, exploring, cooking lots of fish, and enjoying time with friends. 

Ile d'Yeu
Eric spent a couple of months in the spring working on a job site in Auvergne. One weekend I came out to visit and we went on a long hike through the countryside with some of his colleagues and visited the lovely town of Le Puy-en-Velay (pictured at left).

Eric in Brooklyn
Eric came to visit shortly after my big move to NYC in September.  Here we're enjoying
some of the local cuisine in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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