Shary's Album 2013

In March Rob and I enjoyed a lovely day trip down to Beaufort.  Rob snapped the
photo above as we stepped down from a charming carriage ride around town.

Lincoln Memorial

We had LOTS of fun in July, touring around Washington
with Leon Bouillerot and Jordan Roop!.

The photo at right shows our big gathering at Russ & Karen's house in Waynesboro for Mom's birthday.  What a crew!  Dillons, Becks, Mitchells, Byrnes, Todts, and all manner of family & friends from near and far! 
Shary & Grover The photo at left shows me dressed as "Raggedy Ann" for the Halloween party at Orange Grove Elementary. That's Bryan playing the part of "Grover," the Orange Grove mascot!  Such a handsome son!  Takes after his father.

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