Rob's Album 2013

My sabbatical leave continued through most of 2013, as I toured around the northeast, surveying the freshwater snail fauna.  During the warmer months I did a lot of camping and field work, and during the colder months I mostly visited the museums and state natural resource agencies.  The photo at right shows me reviewing the mollusk collections at The Smithsonian in mid-February. 

Habitat house

At left I'm working with other members of our church on a Habitat House in North Charleston.  It's a pretty (but brisk) morning in early March.

June found me collecting snails around Long Pond, Pa.  And a passing fisherman happened to mention something about a NASCAR race scheduled for that very weekend at Pocono International Raceway, not two miles down the road!  What a coincidence.  Pocono
Savannah singing I've become more involved with shape note singing in the Sacred Harp tradition this year.  The photo at left was snapped by one of the tenors as I led "Sacred Throne 569b" at the Faith Primitive Baptist Church in Savannah in October.  How many NASCAR fans with Ivy-League PhDs attend all-day shape note singings?

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