Shary's Album 2012

We had lots of fun touring around southern France in March!  
Here I'm watching my step outside the castle walls at Carcassonne.

Harbor Cruise
In June Rob and I celebrated our 35th anniversary
with a jazz cruise on Charleston Harbor.

On our way to Bar Harbor in early July we spent a few pleasant hours shopping around Freeport, Maine. 
Here I'm enjoying a tour of the Flagler Mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, just a couple weeks after the photo above was taken in Maine!

October found us at the Waynesboro High School Class of '73 reunion.  Here I'm shopping at the Fall Foliage Festival with Mom, Isca, Uncle Russ and Aunt KayKay.  We're standing outside the office of Russ' new Harbor Counseling Services.

Fall Foliage

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