Ginny's Album 2012

Civil ceremony
It's March 10, and Eric and I have just taken our seats in front of the Mayor of Mouchan.  
Our friend Jennifer Juillard-Maniece (in blue at left) has graciously volunteered to serve as translator.

Mouchan gathering
The Dillons, Bouillerots and Chardons (Eric's maternal family) gathered for brunch on the morning after our civil ceremony.  It was wonderful to have so much family together!

Eric and I were privileged to attend the celebration of the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul at The Vatican in June - mass during the day and fireworks at night! 
We took the summer weekends to explore Provence.  The photo at left shows us on the Sentier des Ocres (Ochre Path) near Rousillon.  This region is sometimes called "The Colorado of Provence."  Wonder why?

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