Shary's Album 2011


We had lots of fun at the St. Patrick's Day party thrown by our good friends in Jacksonville, Bob & Jenny Raspa.  Bob's band, The Briarpickers, are great!  You can just barely make out Bob Raspa, playing the guitar in back.    


St Pat
Farmers Market Charleston
 We really enjoyed Ginny and Eric's visit here in July.  The photo at left shows us testing fruit pops at the Charleston Farmer's Market downtown one pretty Saturday morning.

At right we're having a family lesson on a field trip to the CSX Railroad Museum in Covington, VA.  Our guide had just invited my sister, Karen, to test an engineer's steam whistle.  Eric and I were prepared for the stunningly loud sound, while Mom and Rachel seem to be enjoying it.  Ginny was taken by surprise! 

The photo at left shows me enjoying the lovely sansanqua camellia in our back yard in October.  

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