Rob's Album 2011

I spent my second spring break in as many years on a mission trip to Honduras, working with an interdenominational ministry called The LAMB Institute.  We spent most of our time on construction and odd jobs.  But at right is a kind-of amazing photo of me playing jump rope with some of the kids at the children's home north of Tegucigalpa.  Now where did my hat go?   

Charlotte Race

The biggest thrill of the sporting year came early... Trevor Bayne won the Daytona 500 driving for the Wood Brothers! At left is the Wood Brothers' car at Charlotte in May.  Trevor, alas, came down with some sort of mysterious disease and was unable to compete that weekend.  Hence his car is sitting around for dorky fans to pose with.

What's the whitest thing in this photo?  In May I took a kayak trip down the Catawba River south of Rock Hill while the spider lillies were in bloom.  Since (in general) bare-chested College Professors waving paddles were not typically in evidence through most of the afternoon, this turned out to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in South Carolina.  Shortly after this photo was taken I was caught in a thunderstorm, and spent nearly an hour huddled in the mud under an observation deck.  Spider lillies
Tennessee field trip The photo at left is an excellent summary of my year.  I drove around East Tennessee in my pickup.  The circumstances surrounding the photo are rather unusual, however.  There's a very curvy section of US 129 through the mountains between NC and TN where motorcyclists gather to race in (probably illegal) time trials.  They call it "The Dragon."  And a small industry has developed of photographers who take pictures of motorcyclists as they zoom by and sell them on line.  So apparently, if it's a slow day for the motorcycle races, they photograph 1992 Nissan pickups.  I downloaded this photo from an upstanding organization called, "
The photo at right shows the "Intelligent Design Quartet" singing at a "Barbeque & Bluegrass" event at the Episcopal Cathedral up the street.  You have now seen the weirdest thing in this photo album.  Yes, Episcopalians play bluegrass in Charleston.  And invite interdenominational barbershop groups as warm-up acts.  You could not make this up.  My microphone started to slip about halfway through this particular number, and I just decided to ride it down.
Intelligent Designl

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