Ginny's Album 2011

In April, Eric and I were engaged!  He proposed to me in the town of Giverny,
after a day of wandering around Monet's garden.

I returned to Uppsala, Sweden, this spring and enjoyed how much the weather had changed!  There are all sorts of interesting opportunities for exploration around the city.  The photo at left shows me hiking the "Gula Stigen" (yellow trail) through some of the natural areas south of town in May.

Eric and I flew to Charleston in July and rode up to Virginia for a lovely week visiting family.  The photo at right shows the conquerors of Humpback Rock with Dad, Uncle Jimbo, and Cousin Rachel.  

The photo at left is similar to the one above, but different somehow.  Eric and I are enjoying a day hike south of Marseille in October, looking out over les Calanques toward the Mediterranean.

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