Rob's Album 2010

Although our mission team to Honduras spent most of the second week of March doing general handyman chores, we enjoyed occasional breaks to get to know our host county a bit better.  At right I'm examining the brick oven next to a little house we passed on a short hike up an arid valley north of Tegucigalpa.  

Bristo. Race

The photo at left shows me in a more typical habitat, the spring race at Bristol. The weather was very nice on Saturday - a bit blustery on Sunday.  Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Danny and Tita Massie for the use of their lovely condo at Beech Mountain for the weekend.  The only downside was that Jimmie Johnson won the race.  Jimmy Johnson can kiss my left cheek.

This August I spent a week or two driving around the southeast looking for snails, as has been my habit for quite a few years now.  At right I'm pitching camp at Harrison Bay State Park, by Chicamauga Lake maybe 20-30 miles north of Chattanooga.    

Tennessee field trip
Appalachian Trail The photo at left will require some explanation, so be patient.  For several years I have been serving as the photographer for "Kirk Club," a weekday-evening youth group.  One of the many classes for the kids is called, "worship skills," and on this particular evening, the kids were supposed to learn about the organ.  Our organist (JeeYoon Choi, seated) asked me to narrate a piece entitled, "Children's Guide to the Organ" as she played.  Oh, did I mention that it was Halloween?  And that I had come to the church dressed as the crazy scientist in "Back to the Future?" This was my second public appearance in white fluff for the year 2010.

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