Shary's Album 2009

 In April I spent a chilly week visiting my favorite    
 daughter in Chicago.  Ginny, Eric and I enjoyed    
 some unusual tourist experiences!  Thanks to Eric    
 for snapping the photo at right.    


Chicago 2009
     What a great adventure sailing Charleston Harbor
     in June with "Captain D"!  I'm sitting next to my
     Principal (and skipper) Larry DiCenzo as we pass
     under the Cooper River Bridge, with Bryan and Eric
     in the background.  Storm clouds are already beginning
     to gather!  About an hour later we were hit with a
     violent storm that tore our mainsail and disabled our
     motor.  We were almost aground on Sullivan's Island
     when Sea-Tow arrived.

The weather was much calmer when Ginny and Eric    
 returned to Charleston in August.  At right we're    
 spending a leisurely Saturday morning at the Farmer's    
 Market on Francis Marion Square.    

Farmer's Market

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