Rob's Album 2009

It was an atypically mild afternoon for the holiday    
season when a big patrol of Dillons, Bryans, and an odd    
Ingersoll set out to conquor Humpback Rock.  To my left    
 are Cousin Michelle, Cousin Rachel, Uncle Russ, Ginny,    
 Aunt Diane, Bryan, and Uncle Jimbo.    


Humpback Rock
Atlanta Race

     In early March I availed myself of the opportunity
     to rub elbows with my favorite driver at Atlanta Motor

The American Malacological Society met at Cornell    
 University in July.  At right I'm clowning around with    
 fellow malacologist Tim Pearce on a dinner cruise on    
 Lake Cayuga's waters.  Yes, a rainstorm was just     
clearing off.    


AMS Ithaca
Appalachian Trail      Ginny and I backpacked a bit more than 100 miles on
     the Appalachian Trail August 1 - 9.  A passing motorist
     snapped the photo at left for us as we parted the woods
     and emerged, blinking, onto the Blue Ridge Parkway just
     a couple miles above Waynesboro at the end of our
     exciting trip. 
Here's a photomontage I made to advertize the    
 appearance of my silly barbershop group at a    
Christmas party for the "Edenbrook" retirement    
 community earlier this month.  The background    
 photo was taken at a concert we shared with the    
student a capella group in November.    


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