Ginny's Album 2009

Eric and I enjoyed a truly unforgettable tour of the entire eastern half of North America
during the month of July.  Eric snapped the panorama of three photos above at Maine's Pemaquid Light.

     Cheesecake Photo!  At left I'm enjoying the specialty
     of the house at "Junior's" in New York City.  We were
     hosted by a great many friends and family members
     during our summer tour.  Here's a big "thank you"
     to Evelyn and Jay, Cousin Katie and Peter, and Aunt
     Karen and Uncle Russ.  And of course, Mom and Dad!

I took a two-week detour to visit Eric on my way    
to graduate school in September.  Paris and Normandy     
 were absolutely wonderful!    

Oxford      Here I am matriculating at Somerville College, Oxford!
     The Sorting Hat has assigned me to Hufflepuff House,
     directly behind.

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