Ginny's Album 2008

  In March I enjoyed a big backpacking adventure with University of Chicago friends in Kentucky's Red River Gorge.  The photo at right shows Tiffany Hsiang, Andy Baer and me setting off on a three-night, 20 mile odyssey among the arches.  Thanks to Evelyn Wiese for snapping the photo.


Kentucky Backpacking
Memorial Day
Home in Charleston for Memorial Day, enjoying a backyard picnic!  At left I'm catching up with my dear friend Jessica Morgan.  Jordan Roop is demonstrating a precocious ability to choose just the right table company.


June 2008, new diploma in hand!  Thanks to all the family and friends who came to support me - it was great to see you all.

University of Chicago
Election Night It's election night 2008, and I'm with my friends Heather DeCamp and Joy Heafner at The Woodlawn Tap, affectionately known by the locals as "Jimmy's".  This is in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, just around the corner from Barak Obama's house.  We're spelling "Obama" in sign language.

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