Rob's Album 2007

Ginny and I enjoyed a marvelous backpacking trip to North Carolina's Shining Rock Wilderness in August.  For some reason, I have developed the habit of grabbing snakes.


On Tuesdays I look forward to lunch with two other biologists and a chemist here at CofC, followed by a friendly session of barbershop quartet singing.  We occasionally sing for church and school groups on weekends.  Here the "Intelligent Design Quartet" performs on a pretty Sunday afternoon in October at the Edenbrook community, where my father lives. 

In August I was pleased to be invited on an expedition to find the rare and endangered Unthanks Cave Snail in southwestern Virginia.  Here I'm second from the left with a group of biologists from the Virginia Fish & Game and Conservation Departments.  An essay I wrote on the adventure is available from the Freshwater Gastropods of North America site.


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