AMS Special Session: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Molluscan Phylogeny
Monday 8:20 10:00

John Wise, M.G. Harasewych, and Robert T. Dillon - COI, allozyme, and morphological survey of the sinistral Busycon of North America.

António M. de Frias Martins & M. G. Harasewych - Phylogeny of the Ellobiidae.

Ángel Valdés - How many times has the radula been lost in dorid nudibranchs? Reconciliation of molecular and morphological data.

Terrence M. Gosliner, Rebecca Johnson & Shireen Fahey - Does color pattern provide phylogenetically informative characters?

M. G. Harasewych , Glenn A. Goodfriend  & Stephen J. Gould - Relationships among Cerion snails on Long Island, Bahamas deduced from molecular (cytochrome c oxidase I) and morphological data.

Monday 10:20 12:00

Thomas von Rintelen & Matthias Glaubrecht - Gene trees and species trees a case study from a species flock of viviparous freshwater gastropods (Caenogastropoda: Cerithioidea: Pachychilidae) from the ancient lakes of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Mónica Medina, Yvonne Vallès, Terrence Gosliner, H. Mathew Fourcade and Jeffrey Boore - Mitochondrial gene order versus sequence data in heterobranch gastropods.

Kevin J. Roe - Historical biogeography in the Central Highlands region of North America: A comparison of the ability of analytical methods to resolve conflicting data.

Taehwan Lee, Andrea Walther & Diarmaid Ó Foighil - Polyploid Molluscs: Double the Phylogenetic Trouble?

George M. Davis and Thomas Wilke - The use and misuse of data sets in reconstructing phylogenies.

Monday 1:20 3:00

Ellen E. Strong, M. Glaubrecht, Charles Lydeard & Winston Ponder - A total evidence phylogeny of the Cerithioidea.

Patrick D. Reynolds & Gerhard Steiner - Using COI mtDNA sequences and morphological data in resolving relationships among the Scaphopoda.

Gerhard Steiner and Hermann Dreyer - Scaphopoda and Cephalopoda are sister taxa an evolutionary scenario.

A.G. McArthur, M.G. Harasewych, R. Bieler, D. Colgan, T.M. Collins, J. Healy, G. Haszprunar, A. Kurabashi, D.R. Lindberg, S. Pacocha, W.F. Ponder, T.A. Rawlings, E.E. Strong, S. Tillier, R. Ueshima - Multidisciplinary Examinations of Gastropod Phylogeny.


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