Christmas 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

     Absolutely nothing happened this year!  Well, except for a great Christmas week at the beach with the Bryan clan; having Ginny home all spring and both kids all summer; visiting Karen, Russ, the Carters, the Mitchells, and the Becks in Virginia with a trip to Jamestown; moving Ginny to Chicago and Bryan back to Columbia, attending my sister Ellen’s marriage to Pat Byrne in October; hosting Karen for a few days in December; having Bryan turn twenty-one and Ginny twenty-five; and celebrating our 30th anniversary.  Tired yet?

Ginny & Bryan    We began 2007 with Bryan’s transfer to USC, where there is a larger theatre arts program.  It does make us a “house divided” with one USC Gamecock and one Clemson Tiger.  He shares a house with his best friend Jeffrey and another friend Katie. He has switched his focus to directing and is very satisfied with the move.  He spent the summer working at Orange Grove, helping move the school across the river. We get to see Bryan about once a month, since his school is so close.
    Ginny also had an Orange Grove connection this year.  She was a long-term substitute in a third grade class during the spring, and then spent the summer waiting tables at Sushi Hiro.  August found her moving to Chicago to get her Masters degree at the University of Chicago.  Rob and I drove a U-Haul full of stuff up Labor Day weekend.  You should have seen Rob and a young man who foolishly volunteered to help as they wedged a full size sofa up four flights of stairs!  That sofa is never coming back down!  Chicago is a beautiful city and Gin has already made a great set of friends.  The program is challenging, but I know she is up to it!
Rob & Shary
    Rob finished his 24th year as a professor at The College of Charleston and started his 25th, teaching genetics and evolution to the majors.  He also published his 50th peer-reviewed paper in the scientific literature.  He did a lot of traveling around the back roads of the southeast collecting freshwater snails this summer, employing his brand new kayak to great effect.  He continues to serve as President of the South Carolinians for Science Education and coordinator of Darwin Week at The College.  He looks forward to singing in a barbershop quartet on Tuesdays, choir on Wednesdays, School Board on Thursdays, and singing hymns with his father at Edenbrook on Sunday afternoons.  

    I continue to love my job as a Teacher-Coach at Orange Grove.  As mentioned before, we have moved across the river (to the building where I taught for seven years) as they build us a new school on our original site.  I get to work with all of the children, teach an occasional lesson, plan with teachers and the administration, and go to the restroom or eat lunch on my own schedule!  I was honored this past spring as the South Carolina Charter School Teacher of the Year.  I continue to sing in the choir and serve as music librarian, but am taking a year off from the children’s programs.  I had knee surgery in the spring and can’t believe how great I feel.  The highlight of the year was definitely Ellen’s wedding.  We all traveled to Michigan in October for the big event and it was grand! It was so nice reconnecting with friends and family that we haven’t seen in far too long – especially our cousins Connie and Howard.

                                                                                                          Merry Christmas, and our love all!
                                                                                                            Shary, Rob, Ginny & Bryan

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