Charleston County School District
St. Andrews Constituent District #10
Board of Trustees

Mr. Rodney L. Lewis, Chairman


1396 White Drive
Charleston, SC  29407
843-991-2240 cell
843-556-9110 work
843-763-3313 home

Ms. Toshiba Champaigne
Admin. Assist.

Ms. Champaigne

725 Wappoo Rd.
Charleston, SC 29407
Contact Ms. Champaigne

Mrs. Edythe T. Haynes, Vice Chair


930 Lango Ave.
Charleston, SC  29407
843-556-4075 home
843-729-4375 cell

Dr. Robert T. Dillon, Jr., Secretary

Rob Dillon

1747 Somerset Circle
Charleston, SC  29407
843-670-8002 cell
Mrs. Rhonda Hills

Jana Delli-Gatti

242 Larissa Dr.
Charleston, SC  29414
843-737-4100 home
843-345-1882 cell

Mr. Peter J. Tecklenburg

Rob Dillon

571 Elizabeth Lane West
Charleston, SC  29407
843-225-2426 home
843-412-8899 cell

Excellence is one of the ten words in our slogan!

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