What is a School Board?
by the kindergarten students of Stono Park Elementary School.

The people who help us learn (Delia, K-3).

The people who teach us to go to first grade (Maurice, K-3).

Something you sit on (Tamese K-1).

Like something you skate on (Krystal, K-2).

A school board is what you put people's name on and they got to see the teacher (Tyrese, K-1).

Stono K1

The people who checks the room (Grace, K-3). 

You write on it with a marker.  I would say "I miss you" if I would go to another school (Samara, K-1).

A school board is a wooden table.  You could eat on it or you could put a cat on it to see if it's sick or not (Makaila, K-1).

I really don't remember that stuff (Ta'Von, K-2).