TO: Friends of CCSD St. Andrews Constituent District 10
FROM: Rob Dillon
DATE: 10Aug2012
RE: Stepping Down from The Board

Two terms were good enough for George Washington - that ought to be a lesson for everybody.

I have decided not to run for re-election to the CCSD District #10 Board in November.  And to be perfectly candid, there was more to my decision than a simple respect for George Washington.  I have been awarded a sabbatical leave from The College for the entire 2012-13 academic year, and made plans to be out of town for several extended periods during the winter and spring.  So after looking at the calendar and doing a bit of soul-searching, I have realized that it simply will not be fair to anybody concerned for me to leave my seat empty on so many Thursday afternoons.

To the marvelous faculty and dedicated administration of CCSD, as well as to my colleagues on the St. Andrews District 10 Constituent Board over the last eight years, it's been an honor to serve with you.

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