Instructions for Abstract Submission
AMS 2002, Charleston

1) The body of your abstract must contain less than 250 words.  Do not include figures or literature citations.

2) Compose your abstract using any common word-processing program.  (IBM-compatible is preferred.)  The font should be Times New Roman 10pt.  Use a 1 inch margin (2.5 cm) on the left and a 3 inch margin (7. 5 cm) on the right.  The title should be in bold, the scientific names italicized.   The title, authors and affiliations should be centered, and the body of the abstract fully-justified.  Do not indent anywhere.  Give an email address for one author only.  The file name should be the last-name of the submitting author.

3) Compose an email to   If you wish to be considered in the student competition, put on the cc line.  If your paper is intended for the symposium or one of the special sessions, put the address of your organizer on the cc line.  In the body of the email, answer these questions:

     •    Which type of presentation (oral or poster)?
     •    Is your presentation for a special session or is it contributed?
     •    If oral presentation, do you have a preference for particular day or time?  If so, why?
     •    What audio-visual resources will you require?
     •    Would you be willing to chair a session?
     •    Do you wish to be considered for a student award?  If so, are you an undergraduate, a MS student, or a Ph.D. student?

4) Attach the word-processor version of your abstract to the email.

5) Now copy the word-processed version of your submission and paste it directly to the end of your email.  Don’t worry about margins, fonts, or any other formatting problems that may appear.  This is simply a back-up, in case there are problems reading your attachment.

6) Send the email prior to May 15.  It may take me a few days for me to respond, so be patient.

Special Note to Students:
To be eligible for a student award, you must be the sole author of your paper or poster.  You must currently be enrolled in a degree-seeking program, or be a 2002 graduate.  Your registration as a “student AMS member” must be properly filed with the conference office, together with a letter or note from your major advisor verifying your status.

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