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Have a good summer!

Grades Now Available:

Monday April 23, Tuesday April 24 - Selection & Drift lab reports due.  If I'm not in Room 200A, deliver your reports to my mailbox in the Biology OFfcie, Room 214.

Monday Apr 16, Tuesday Apr 17 - Final Lab Quiz , electorophoresis lab report due.

March 21 thru March 25 - Your chromosome slides are on the front table in Room 204.  Both the lab door and the doors to the microscope cabinets should be open throughout most of the day (come find me if not).  Feel free to work on your lab report for investigation 7 any time through the week. 

Monday, March 12 - Midterm grades available on Cougar Trail
Your grade is based on 83 points - the quiz (40), lab reports (35) and performance (8).

Monday Feb 26, Tuesday Feb 27 - Midterm Lab Quiz

Sunday, Feb 18 - Tuesday, Feb 20
Room 200 is unlocked 24 hrs/day.  Don't Forget to pick up your trihybrid cross culture
and your pure bwblvg culture to clear for virgins!

Yes, Genetics Labs 212.L01 and 212.L03 will meet the first week of class!
I'll look forward to meeting those of you in the Monday (L01) section January 8 at 2:00 PM,
and those of you in the Tuesday (L03) section January 9 at 12:30 PM.

Monday, Jan 15 - No school.  
Those of you in the Monday (L01) section must come by Room 200 sometime during the week of Jan 15 - 19
to complete Investigation 1, Probability and Statistics.
Pages 2 - 9 of your lab manual will be due January 22.

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