Monday Schedule, Spring 2016
Genetics Lab 305.L01
R. T. Dillon
Investigations are from my Genetics 305L Lab Manual, available at the College Bookstore.
Readings are from Genetics, A Conceptual Approach (5e) by B. A. Pierce.

Date Investigations and Exercises Readings
Jan 11
Introduction  -
Jan 18MLK Day, no classes -
Jan 25
Inv. 1, Probability & Statistics 56-57, 64-66
Feb 1
Inv. 3, Drosophila familiarization 
Inv. 4, Set up two experiments with the "Lobed" gene: 
 - A comparison of variation in expressivity due to 
    genetics and environment ("expressivity") 
 - Incomplete penetrance in a monohybrid cross ("penetrance")
Feb 8
Inv. 2, Independent assortment and gene interaction in maize
Inv. 5, Set up selection & drift experiments ("S&D") 
Clear penetrance & expressivity experiments


Feb 15
Analysis of variable expressivity 
Inv. 6, Set up trihybrid cross for gene mapping experiment ("THC") 
Clear S&D experiments
Feb 22
Count & transfer F1 from S&D experiments 
Clear penetrance experiment 
Clear parentals from THC
Feb 29
Analysis of incomplete penetrance in a monohybrid cross
Make THC test cross
Clear S&D experiments
Mar 7Spring Break
Instructor will clear F1 from THC
Mar 14 Lab Quiz
Count & transfer F2 from S&D experiments
Mar 21
Inv. 6, Linkage analysis
Clear S&D experiments
Mar 28
Inv. 7, Human cytogenetics
Count & transfer F3 from S&D experiments
Apr 4
Inv. 8, Chromatography 
Clear S&D experiments
Apr 11
Inv. 9, Protein electrophoresis 716-23, 746-7
Apr 18
Count F4 and terminate S&D experiments
Selection and genetic drift
Apr 21
(Thursday!) Lab Quiz   -

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