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To my (former) students in Genetics Lab 305L:

This morning’s Chronicle of Higher Education features a news story entitled, “Silly, Sanctimonious Games.  How a syllabus sparked a war between a professor and his college.”  Read all about it here:
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The article turned out to be a bit more personal than I had hoped.  I think the present controversy touches on quite a few important issues in Higher Education generally… the very goals of a liberal education, and the freedom of professors to accompany our students toward those goals up the road we think best.  The Chronicle reporter, however, seemed determined to focus on yours truly.  And the bosses thereof.  To an uncomfortable degree, perhaps.

But speaking of yours truly.  Yours truly did very much appreciate all those sweet and supportive emails you sent me back in February!
We’ll keep in touch,

Monday, 22Feb - I regret to inform the College Community that Provost Brian McGee has relieved me of my instructional duties, effective immediately.  Dr. Agnes Ayme-Southgate will teach my Monday (L01) section, and Dr. Melissa Scheiber will teach both Tuesday sections (L02 & L03).  The new instructor for my Wednesday (L04) section has not been named. I will work with the new set of instructors to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.  But students should be prepared for changes in the syllabus.  I believe that Investigation #4 (Incomplete Penetrance) and Investigation #5 (Selection & Drift) will go forward, but I am not certain about Investigation #6 (Trihybrid Cross.)  Your new lab instructor will have more information when you meet him, or her, this week.
Monday, 22Feb - Monday, 29Feb.  Genetics Lab is open 24hrs/day.
Don't forget to pick up your trihybrid cross culture and your pure bwblvg culture to
Clear for virgins 12 hours before making your testcrosses!

Tuesday, 9Feb.

The evening section, 305L-03, will start one hour late, due to Darwin Week conflict.
I will see you in SSMB 141 at 5:30 PM, not 4:30 PM.

Feb 4 - 14, 2016 - Darwin Week in Charleston!

Darwin Week!

Genetics Labs meet the first full week of class!
I'll look forward to seeing you all at 2:00 PM on Monday (1/11), 1:15 PM Tuesday (1/12), 4:30 PM Tuesday (1/12) or 2:00 PM Wednesday (1/13) according to your lab section.  
The Genetics Teaching Laboratory is located in the School of Science & Math Building (corner of Coming & Calhoun) SSMB 141.

Our Lab Manual  (a spiral-bound booklet, 36 pp long) is available at The College Bookstore.

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