Helpful Hints for a Good Grade in Biology

1) Read your textbook before coming to class!

2) Do not miss lectures.  The material we discuss in class is intended to complement your text, not repeat it.  Although you can certainly borrow a classmate's notes if you are absent from a lecture, some understanding will inevitably be sacrificed.

3) Come to class ready to take good notes, participate in discussion, and ask questions if the material confuses you.

4) Review material after class.  A good rule of thumb is to spend two hours in study outside of the classroom for each hour spent in the classroom.

5) Study actively.  Use a highlighter pen, develop an outline of each chapter, list key principles or questions as they come to you, recopy your notes, etc.  If you like fancy toys, keep the "intractive study partner" CD-ROM running on your computer and refer to it when you see the little arrow-icons in your text.  Try to study when you are fresh.

6) Make sure that each new bit of information is integrated, attached, and connected to other information.  It should be possible to relate any new idea to three other ideas from elsewhere in biology.  Watch for connections between lecture to laboratory!

7) Feel free to study with others.  Many students find it helpful to talk about the material with classmates, form study groups, quiz and be quizzed.

8) But too much company can be distracting!  Sometimes it's best to find a quiet place.

9) There's plenty of extra help available if you need it.